Monday, 20 May 2013

A Typical First Day at the MTC

* Go to the curb and say goodbye
* Host walks with you to the door, but you go through the door on your own (without your luggage)
* You pick up your badge, room key and a few other things. You check your information for correctness
* You go back outside (different side from where you came in) and meet with your Host and drop your stuff off at your room
* You grab your scriptures, Preach My Gospel, notebook and a pen
* You are then led by your Host to your classroom to meet your teachers and those in your district
* After a quick lesson/talk/intro you head to another presentation (like a fireside) and then to dinner
* After dinner you get to go back to your room and make your bed and unpack a bit
* After that you go to another meeting
* Then you can go back to your room to get ready for bed

This is just basically the first day's schedule and then you get a different schedule that you will follow for the rest of the time you are here and then they may still give you another schedule after the first week. It can be super hectic though, you go to class then straight to dinner (or another meal), then the gym, class, another class, etc. But every day is mostly different. After the first week it is a bit more normal though; it will at least feel like it is a bit more normal.

I have seen a ton of people I know here: Sister Lewis (stake), Sister Ward, Sister Vincent, Elder Lambson, Elder Reghr (stake), Elder Gillespie (ward and neighbor), Elder Adam (stake), Elder Creamer, Elder Abbott (Denise's son from HOSA), and Elder Smith who I got to play volleyball with one day which was really fun. They are all amazing people!

As much as I love my district, the Elders, bless their hearts, are tone-deaf. My companion and I harmonize (I'm soprano and she's alto) and all is well, until the elders start singing...It makes me want to shove forks in my ears, but they make up for it with their humor. They are all super funny and my favorite two words to say when it comes to the elders is 'exact obedience.'

I wasn't able to join the choir like I wanted to because you have to go to 2 choir practices (Sundays) so that you can sing on Tuesdays, but I won't be around for the second Tuesday. I knew there was a reason why I wanted to be here three weeks instead of two before I even got here. That is one thing I really don't like about here, all English speaking missions can't join the choir; I am deeply upset about this. The food isn't the best (for my tastes at least), mostly all I have here is salad and some fruit. The cookies here are great, they are just the ideal kind of cookies you could ever have!

Sister Reese

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