Sunday, 24 November 2013

November 11
I don't have much news this week - we didn't get out much because my companion, Sister Lind, has been sick all week. We went to Urgent Care but the doctor just told that she had a sinus infection when the symptoms were not even close. We really don't know what is going on yet.
I have been reading through the Bible dictionary and have read some really interesting things. There is often references to books in the Apocrypha which makes me want to read them when I get home.

November 19
My companion has started to fee better this week but we did not get much missionary work done because we have to move and we had to pack up the entire apartment, not just our stuff. We are getting help; however, moving the furniture. Oscar is going to be getting an interview soon so that he can get a temple recommend which is really exciting.
I tried shrimp and pumpkin pie this week. The shrimp is just very plain and the pie wasn't the best for the first few bites but then began to taste better.
We also saw Brenda Song (from the Disney channel) and she was outside her house with some friends and the members we had dinner with live across the street. She said 'hi' to the dad. Sister Lind really got excited once we were in the car and had driven down the road a bit. She was screaming and really excited, it was funny. Our members just need to introduce us to her.

Love Kirstin

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